Avitane salons & Spa is a leading chain of beauty salons and spas based in International resort hotels all over the UAE, comprised of creative international hairstylists who appreciate quality with attention to details.
We carry organic & botanical, silicone free, high-performance facial, hair and spa products with innovative techniques and trends from beauty world.

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Avitane program: 120 min.

This signature ritual presents a harmonious combination of sauna or steam room relaxation, full body scrub and mud wrap at your choice that exfoliates dead cells and brightens up your skin followed by 60 minutes full body Avitane massage that uses rejuvenating and stimulating blend of techniques created by our therapists.

Oriental gold & rose treatment: 120 min

Combination of traditional luxury elements: golden scrub full body exfoliation, followed by mud & rose water mask with rose flowers and 60 minutes full body massage with rose essential oil. It helps to restore female energy and leaves an unforgettable aroma on your skin.

Whitening program: 90 min

Avitane signiture treatment that includes full body whitening scrub, mud mask with vitamin C and 60 minutes full body massage that nourishes the skin.

Anti-stress detox program: 90 min

Extremely calming treatment that starts with lavender sugar scrub exfoliation, followed by the anti-stress full body massage with lavender oil. Highly recommended for insomnia relief.

After sun burn: 90 min

This Spa treatment is specially designed for sun seekers. Using chamomile and aloe vera mixture as natural skin cooler, we repair your skin and relief your sunburn. Combining with classic massage, we free your blocked energy flows, giving you a refreshed body.

Honey moon program: 120 min

Treatment that couple can enjoy side by side, starting with exfoliation and mud mask, followed by couple full body massage at your choice. Our honeymoon program is a truly bonding experience.

Turkish hammam & massage ritual: 120 min

Experience an extreme relaxation of traditionnal Turkish hammam in a gently heated, tiled room laying on a heated marble slab, while you are scrubbed for exfoliation, then massaged with foam and finally washed clean with hot water. This special treatment helps to eliminate dead skin cells and is perfect for tanned skin color before taking sun baths. It is followed by 60 minutes relaxing massage at your choice.

Moroccan bath & massage ritual: 120 min

Experience traditional Oriental ritual which starts in a steam room with an application of famous black soap that penetrates your skin and deeply cleanses it. The soap is then washed off and the skin is vigorously exfoliated with special Moroccan Kesse, followed by mud or clay treatment and 60 minutes full body massage to send you home completely relaxed. It’s a ritual to deeply cleanse your body using steam and exfoliating beauty techniques that have been used by Moroccans for centuries.

Avitane signature massage: 60 min/90 min

We are delighted to offer you a variaty of massage techniques that concentrates on health condition improvement by working on trigger points. These are the areas of stiff muscles or nerves where most of people experience the pain.

Our own rejuvenating and stimulating blend of techniques combined with long massage strokes and concentration on trigger points of the body. This massage uses special techniques, palm and fingers pressure to reduce muscle tension.

Sport massage: 60 min/90 min

Massage that uses strong pressure techniques to concentrate on damaged, overworked or strained and fatigued muscles to elevate pain and speed up the healing process of tissue.

Hot stone massage: 60 min/90 min

Heat of the volcanic stones to the muscles enhances relaxation, circulation and healing process of this therapeutic massage. Perfect for those wanting a super-deep tissue massage to help stubborn muscles release and relax.

Anti-cellulite massage: 60 min/90 min

This contouring massage stimulates your body's ability to break down fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. Pure 100% essential oils used for this technique smooth and enhance your skin's texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply, cellulitic areas.

Foot massage: 30 min/60 min

A targeted massage that focuses on foot reflexology zones of the feet that correlate to areas of the body. This massage is perfect after a day of intense activities and helps to relieve tired and heavy legs and swollen ankles.

Line of stress-relief massages provides a removal of the stress and relaxing effect, stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

Classic massage: 60 min/90 min

This light massage is specially designed for de-stressing and relaxing of the body and the mind.

Aromatherapy massage: 60 min/90 min

Using classic and effective massage techniques applied with natural essential oils, this massage will relax your body and spirit. This is a soothing massage that helps to get rid of daily stress. Choose beyond different fragrances to stimulate the olfactory senses.

Anti-stress body massage: 60 min/90 min

"The massage has been expertly designed by the Avitane therapists for those who either spend long hours at a desk or hold their stress on their shoulders. Combination of special massage and pressure points techniques with an application of lavender essential oil will transport you to the state of sublime tranquility."

Anti-stress back massage: 30 min/60 min

This spa massage works across the back, neck, and shoulders to correct and relieve any muscular tension. Using special massage techniques you will find yourself drifting away into an oasis of calm and return feeling lighter.

Hot oil massage: 60 min/90 min

The massage is designed to detoxify and cleanse, boost the effectiveness of the immune system, help with stress relief, promote healthy skin. These techniques in combination with fire-heated oil provide relaxation and eliminate toxins.

Enjoy our combination of unusual rare world techniques, using the variaty of therapeutical instruments such as bamboo sticks or arms instead of hands

Honey massage: 30 min/60 min

Organic honey is applied to chosen areas (legs, arms, back or abdomen) and the therapist uses special massage technique while the hands become very sticky and the skin is pulled a bit. This massage increases the lymphatic system flow, helps to break down lipid pockets assisting with body contouring & toning of the skin.

Pregnancy massage: 60 min/90 min

Gentle, non-invasive massage in a side-lying position comfortably supported with cushions. The technique concentrates on alleviating some of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy as well as increases circulation and reduces swelling from 3rd till 8th month.

Lomi Lomi massage: 60 min/90 min

" Ancient Hawaiian massage with the use of forearm techniques with stretching movements that realigns the body."

Bamboo sticks: 60 min

Hollow, organically-treated bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters are rolled over the body to stimulate the circulatory system and to remove fluids and toxins through the lymphatic drainage system.

4 handsmassage: 60 min

This synchronized technique is performed by two therapists working in perfect harmony to relieve tensions and provide you with deep relaxation.

Oriental line of treatments includes techniques from the anciant times that improve the health, mind body and soul on the energy level.

Shiatsu massage: 60 min/90 min

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment uses finger pressure to restore and open the energy channels and stimulates circulation without oil application.

Thai massage: 60 min/90 min

Stretching and pressure point techniques originating from ancient times. This is a non-oil massage. Thai style pajamas are provided.

Indian head massage: 30 min/60 min

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, is a form of relaxation massage that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms which are important energy centers within the body.

Ayurveda massage: 60 min/90 min

Shirodhara literally meaning “head flow” is one of the most desired Ayurvedic treatments. Beginning with a head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage a slow pouring of medicinal oils cascade over your forehead will releave headaches and insomnia.

Spa Operation Hours :

The Spa is open daily from 7:00 am till 9:00 pm. Bookings are taken starting 9 am and last booking at 8:30 pm.

Spa Reservations :

Avitane Spa team is looking forward to welcoming you. To avoid disappointment, please reserve all treatments in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us in person and our qualified reservation assistants are available anytime to assist you in making your choice for a treatment suitable for your needs. We also suggest you arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment appointment to fully enjoy your experience.

Medical Concerns :

Please notify the reservation team before booking any treatment if you have any physical ailments, allergies, disabilities or whether you are currently pregnant. Treatments will not be performed on guests who have open skin cuts, unidentified skin rashes, skin eczema, fungal infections and sunburn.

Preparation :

For your comfort we provide a bathrobe, disposable wear, towels and slippers for your session. We recommended not to be wearing any jewelry before commencing your treatment. For men, we recommend to shave prior around 3 hours prior to a facial treatment to ensure maximum results. Quite and calm are of utmost importance to our guests and therefore we request that mobile phones are turned off while in the spa.


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